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Marie Claire Magazine

August 2004

Most Merciful Bikini Waxer

"Dee Dee Heidarian at Dee Dee's Skin Care on Van Nuys Boulevard in L.A. She's as gentle as they come."

New University Newspaper of UC Irvine

Spring 1999-2000 Issue

Bikini Waxes

The first question a lot of people may have about bikini waxes is exactly what they are.

A bikini wax is when a licensed cosmetician, like Dee Dee Heidarian, owner of Dee Dee’s Skin and Body Care, applies hot wax to your pubic hair with a spatula-like instrument, leaves it on for a little while and then pulls it off really quickly.

Voilá! According to Heidarian, this popular cosmetic procedure removes unsightly hair poking out of the sides of your bikini (hence the nifty name “bikini wax”) without leaving the weird red bumps left after shaving. With a bikini wax, hair grows in much more slowly.

“Bikini waxing is much better than shaving. People get irritated with shaving. Bikini waxing makes the hair grow slower,” Heidarian said.

Heidarian does waxing for both men and women with the exception of bikini line waxing for men. However she does all other forms of waxing for men clientele such as back, brows, arms, etc.

The most popular bikini wax for women is the “playboy wax”, followed by a regular wax and a full wax.

“A playboy wax is when you get most of the hair removed and leave one strip in between; we get lots of requests for that,” Heidarian said. “A full bikini is when you remove all of the hair off.”

If done right, bikini waxes shouldn’t hurt. And if you’re into that type of thing, Heidarian can wax shapes into your pubic hair, like hearts, diamonds or even words”

Taken from the article: "Genitals: What’s up down there?" by By Angela Brevidoro
from the New University Paper of UC Irvine.

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